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Buying a new home is one of the biggest commitments you are likely to make in your lifetime... it can also be one of the most expensive and many of us find that money is tight at such a time.

It is vital that you obtain a full specialist valuation report before you commit yourself. A survey carried out for a buyer will identify major defects so that you can budget accordingly or withdraw from the purchase if the property is unsuitable.

If the report does not show up any major defects or if you decide that it's still worth pursuing, the report often allows you to renegotiate the price which can easily cover the cost of the report.

Let us help you to choose the right survey and valuation

Building, survey & valuation report

This type of report includes an opinion of the property's current value and is designed to provide as much information as possible obtained from a detailed inspection of the property subject to the limits imposed by inaccessibility, under exposure and the presence of carpets and certain furnishings and without damaging the property. The upper/outer parts of the building will be viewed from ground level.

Foundations will not be exposed nor will excavations be undertaken. It cannot provide a guarantee that a property is totally free from defects, but is conscientiously prepared by a qualified surveyor. The report will have regard to the age and character of the dwelling, building practices and regulations at the time of construction and those aspects of the property, which may materially affect its value and future saleability.

RICS homebuyers survey & valuation report

This report is undertaken by a fully qualified surveyor and valuer and is prepared in a format designed and regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. It includes an inspection of exposed and accessible parts of a property and covers such matters as timber defects, dampness, poor insulation, structural movement and cracking, mains services and gives an opinion of its open market value.

A Homebuyers survey report can be done at the same time as a mortgage valuation and can result in a saving on the fee. Contact our survey department before you speak to your Bank or Building Society.

We would strongly recommend that you do not consider purchasing a property without having a RICS Homebuyers report undertaken on your behalf.

Mortgage valuation report

This valuation is similar to those reports carried our by a Bank or Building Society and is used to confirm the suitability of a property as security for a loan. It can be a very brief report made after a quick inspection of the property and does not necessarily give an opinion of current market value and is definitely NOT a survey of the condition of the property.

We would never recommend that you purchase a property using this type of report as the only guide to the property's condition and value. An RICS Homebuyers Report is strongly recommended.

Formal valuation report.

This is a formal written report and is normally used for matters such as Taxation, Probate or Matrimonial Divorce, etc. It provides a valuation of the property without commenting on its condition so cannot be considered as a survey report.

Low cost valuations.

We can arrange low cost valuations for the following reasons:

Pre-Purchase Valuations

Helps you to choose which property to consider when you have more than one to choose from.

Building Insurance Valuation

Provides a letter indicating the minimum recommended cost of reinstatement of the entire property.

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